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CSL DD Optional Boost Kit 180

CAD$ 260.99



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Unlock the full potential of your CSL DD.

Designed specifically for the CSL DD, the Boost Kit 180 provides more power to the direct-drive wheel base to enable the highest performance. This provides much stronger feedback, and as a result, you’ll feel the subtle cues more clearly too.

Maximum torque.


By raising the standard peak torque of 5 Nm to 8 Nm, the Boost Kit 180 transforms the force feedback of the CSL DD due to its significantly wider dynamic range.


Simply replace the standard power supply with the Boost Kit 180, and the wheel base unlocks its full performance automatically. No other setup required.

Instant upgrade.
  • Larger, 180W power supply unlocks full performance of CSL DD and Gran Turismo DD Pro (standard power supply is 90W)
  • Designed and tested specifically for the CSL DD and Gran Turismo DD Pro
  • Improves dynamic range (from 5 Nm to 8 Nm peak torque)

Wheel Bases

  • CSL DD
  • Gran Turismo DD Pro

The Boost Kit 180 is not compatible with any other Fanatec wheel bases.

  • The CSL DD and Gran Turismo DD Pro were designed and tested with the Boost Kit 180 in mind; its increased performance does not compromise the durability of the wheel base.
  • The wheel base electronics can detect whether a Boost Kit 180 is connected and will release the additional power automatically.
  • This product has been tested to comply with all regional electronic safety standards. Using any other PSU voids the warranty of the wheel base and can cause hardware damage.
  • Only the standard 90W power supply or the Boost Kit 180 can be used with this wheel base. The use of any other power supply will void the wheel base warranty, is potentially dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death.
  • 180W custom power supply
  • Power cables (regional)