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About Axon

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About Axon

Originated from the love of motorsports

In 2017, Axon was founded in Vancouver BC Canada to be the premier destination for all driving simulations needs. Our team is led by a motorsport enthusiast who has been active in the sport for more than 10 years. With the trophy winning experience, the team has designed a simulator that is dedicated to enhance driver’s experience and performance. Our simulators take no compromises for performance and it was crafted to be light, strong and adaptable. We can also help our customers with any custom order or built to suit their needs. Axon also has sim centers which are dedicated to promote both motorsport and sim racing. The sim centers are equipped with our state-of-the-art simulators alongside premium gears from brands like D-BOX Haptic System, Fanatec and MSI. With affordable rates and regular racing events, our team is hoping to reach out to more people and build a platform as a stepping stone for motorsports and sim racing. For casual users, they can also enjoy our unique atmosphere with their friends. Our sim centers are capable of hosting different types of events and leave memorable experiences to our customers.

Sim Centre

Affordable and accessible solutions for all motorsport enthusiasts. Equipped with state of the art equipment and capable of holding various events.

Sim Equipment

One stop shop for high quality sim equipment. We carry products ranging from our simulator platform to pedals from Heusinkveld.


With our winning experience, we thrive to build a platform to become the stepping stone to competitive motorsports, both real world and sim racing.

With passion and dedication, Axon is devoted to creating quality and performance oriented experiences by highly customizable simulators and welcoming services in our sim centers
Dean Chen – Founder of Axon

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