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RS V2 Racing Wheel (Leather)

CAD$ 629.00

  • Wireless Hot-Swappable
  • Nappa Top Leather
  • Carbon Fiber Panel
  • Gold-Plated Magnetic Blade
  • Quick Release
  • RS V2 is compatible with R5 Wheelbase

In stock

Wheel MaterialsItaly Imported Alcantara/Nappa First Layer Leather
Frame materialBrushed Aluminum Alloy
Panel MaterialForged Carbon Fiber
Back MaterialAluminum Alloy
Paddles Material3mm Forged Carbon Fiber
Paddles MagnetGold-plated N52 Magnet
Magnetic Paddles Quantity4
Mechanical Keyboard Texture Buttons10
20-segment Knob (Can be Pressed)2
Universal Rocker (Can be Pressed)2
Racing Horn1
Highlight LED RGB lamp10
LED ColorColor Customization
Smart TelemetrySupport
Set Up the Lights Through the MOZA Pit HouseSupport
The Light Changes Color with the RotationSupport
Assembly WayQuick Release
Power SupplyWireless
Signal transmissionWireless
Magnetic Paddles Induction MethodPhotoelectric Contactless
Magnetic Paddles ModeDual-clutch/Single-Clutch/Switch
  • RS-O/R-D Racing Wheels
  • Quick start guide & Warranty card

Wheel Bases



> MOZA R21


> PC: This product is compatible with Windows PC.

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